Our areas of activity:
Solid Waste Management

We provide our services for the implementation of waste management projects in local and regional scale while optimizing resource use and sustainable operation. We have offered our services for numerous projects, such as:

  • Creative reuse centers
  • Waste sorting at source (brown bin waste, recycling corners, etc)
  • Green points
  • Recycling Sorting Center (RSC)
  • Waste transfer stations
  • Waste treatment units (WTU) and conversion to Waste recycling and recovery units
  • Bio-waste treatment units
  • Waste or secondary fuel energy utilization units
  • Sanitary landfill sites
  • Remediation of landfills and contaminated sites
Water & Wastewater management

We undertake water treatment resources in urban and industrial sectors, both in private industries and public sectors. We contribute to the infrastructure development and/or upgrading in the context of new water quality standards.

  • Drainage networks
  • Wastewater treatment facilities (WTP)
  • Biological sewage treatment
  • Dams
  • External aqueducts
  • Water treatment and desalination systems
  • Water supply systems are networks
  • Land reclamations - Irrigation networks
  • Rain water sewer system
  • Flood protection project and hydraulic efficiency of technical works
  • Streams and rivers adjustments

We convert the challenges of resource utilization and the energy crisis into valuable business opportunities for the benefit of society and the environment.

  • Energy production units (thermal and electricity) from renewable sources, such as:
      - Biogas / biomethane (landfill, anaerobic digestion, etc.)
      - Biomass (sludge, municipal waste, secondary fuel, frying oils, etc.)
      - Photovoltaics
      - Wind energy
  • Collection and distribution networks
  • Energy conservation system

We put a sustainable future in reach by offering a wide range of consulting services for circular economy infrastructure, as well as smart city systems.

  • Smart cities
      - Waste collection and transportation (smart bins, recycling corners, waste management truck, mobile green points)
      - Prevention and recycling platform to exchange items to be withdrawn, recycling reward with collection and recycling points on paper
      - Smart street lighting systems and electric lighting systems for municipal buildings
      - Building energy management systems (BEMS)
      - Smart water and air quality meter
      - Smart non-revenue water system
      - Smart irrigation technology
  • Circle economy systems
      - Industrial symbiosis
      - Waste management solutions
      - Smart cities solutions