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New contract signed with ESDAK.

New contract signed with ESDAK.
We are happy to share that yesterday in the REGION OF CRETE, we signed a contract with ESDAK, regarding the new #wastemanagement plan.

In particular, we will be #technicalconsultants of the local solid waste management plan of Region Unit of Rethymno, participating in the transition to the #circulareconomy of the island!

Visit for additional info: https://www.crete.gov.gr/press-releases/meletes-topikon-schedion-diacheirisis-stereon-apovliton-gia-15-dimoys-se-irakleio-rethymno-kai-lasithi-sto-plaisio-tis-prosarmogis-sto-neo-ethniko-schediasmo-diacheirisis-apovliton-foto-kai-vinteo/?fbclid=IwAR0VciAmry_YOhMOkLiOlgrCNAVZKaQILak1XaCGYaPnxuqrlz8rEPAXDAs