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Signing of the contract for the construction of Volos' WWTP


Today 12/04/2024 was signed the contract for the Project: "Waste Treatment Unit of Magnesia Regional Unit" between the Municipality of Volos and the Consultants Consortium Contractor MESOGEIOS A.E.-THALIS ES SA, whose Technical Consultant is VM&A.

The construction of Volos WWTP is scheduled for completion in the first half of 2026 and has a processing capacity of 50,592 tons of mixed waste and 15,200 pre-selected organics per year. This is the first circular economy project in Greece that has been designed and licensed, with the technology of mechanical and biological drying with the aim of producing secondary fuel (solid recovered fuel, SRF). The WWTP of Volos will process the waste of the brown bin for the production of excellent quality compost and the waste of the green bin for the recovery of recyclable materials and the production of secondary fuel (SRF) with suitable characteristics for use in energy recovery.