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VM&A's Scope of works, Vision and values, Policies, Sustainability, Awards and Milestones..

Our History as a Timeline

  1. 2002: VM&A was born in 2002 in Athens Greece

  2. 2006: VM&A merges with another company specialised in PPPs in 2006
  3. 2012: VM&A redesigned its corporate identity in 2012
  4. 2015: Headquarters Recolation and a major Rebranding takes place in 2015
  5. 2016: VM&As launches its new Website and expands its social media network

Our aim is to create value for our customers through the provision of appropriate services and resources at the right time, responsibly in environmental protection.

We promote the existence of a highly creative environment, in which our people have the opportunity to develop as positive personalities and effective professionals. We utilize the range of our possibilities and offer our customers the best possible result.

Our work environment is based on a simple quote: When our executives excel, then our customers benefit and our business thrives.

We specialize in the provision of technical consulting services for large environmental infrastructure projects, especially in the field of circular economy and water resources and energy management.

Our competitive advantage is our many years of employment - specialization in the provision of services in the Public Sector (Ministries, Regions and Local Government), in the wider Public and Private Sector, in Banking Organizations and Funds as well as the excellent experience and efficiency of planning and efficiency ,maturation, financing, implementation and project management, through the optimal utilization of public and private resources.

The specialized services offered by VM&A:

- Consultant and / or Independent Auditor in the management, design, construction, operation and maintenance of PPP projects. 

- Financial resources consultant in Public and Private held projects.

- Environmental and Social Advisor in Public and Private held projects.

- Consultant in technical, administrative and financial management, assignment, maintenance and operation of projects, programs, constructions and contracts.

- Elaboration and supervision of studies and tender documents for all types of infrastructure projects.

about us - awards
about us - awards
about us - awards

Following a three month appraisal, the Western Macedonia waste management PPP has been announced Waste Deal of the Year 2013 as part of the World Finance award program "Project Finance Deal of the Year", a project in which VM&A has been part of Mott MacDonald's Lenders' Technical Advisor team.


Vangelis is a Chemical Engineer educated at a PhD level and the President of Board at VM&A with specialization in project management for circular economy, water resources and energy management, and has an extensive experience in integrated environmental management systems. His top management skills with company's team of consultants, engineers, and processing experts, have been the key in business growth and development.


Athina is a Chemical Engineer educated at a PhD level. She has extensive experience in the development of advanced technologies and materials for air and water purification and for the saving and storage of energies, alternative energy technologies, water and air pollution control, soil and sediment remediation, environmental technology, chemical limnology, and groundwater chemistry. She has a strong record in applied environmental systems such as aquatic environment, air pollution control, terrestrial ecology, and chemical- and bio-technology development.


Stratos provides his legal advice in relation to procurement and contract law for private and public sector clients. His significant prior experience of commercial contracts and experience of public procurement of goods and services including end to end operational procurement experience, in particular drafting PQQs, ITTs has been a very valuable asset for VM&A.


Dimitra is a lawyer specialised in banking law. Her expertise ranges in both domestic and international work, acting for commercial banks, investment banks, funds and other financial institutions. She advised many corporate borrowers and lessees on their finance transactions, drawing, where necessary. She advises on the structuring, documentation and negotiation of a wide range of banking and finance-related matters such as acquisition finance, project finance (including PFI, PPP, and infrastructure projects), and structured finance.


Ntinos is the Business Development Manager of VM&A. He is a PhD Chemical Engineer, with 22 years of experience in solid waste and wastewater management. He has very good knowledge of environmental legislation and has participated as a project manager and/or member of project team in the maturation and implementation (waste management studies, EIA, technical studies, tender documents, technical consultant) of a large number of projects of solid and liquid waste management.


Matina Marneri is a Chemical Engineer, PhD and the Head of Facilities Operations Department. She has 20 years of experience in the field of environmental projects, from the stage of design to the operation and environmental monitoring of the facilities. She has participated in the study group for the maturation and implementation of many environmental- protection projects and has significant experience in the coordination of contracts for the provision of services for the operation, technical support and environmental monitoring of wastewater and solid waste facilities.

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VM&A’s provides consulting and multidisciplinary services that conclude the business Sectors of Environment (Waste management, Environmental permitting, Environmental risk management, Contaminated land), Water (Wastewater treatment, Wastewater networks, Desalination), Transport (Highways, Maritime), Infrastructure (Logistic centers, Thematic parks & culture, Digital planning, Urban development) and also Power (Energy from waste and biomass, Hydro-Wind power generation, Energy efficiency).

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