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VM&A's Scope of works, Vision and values, Policies, Sustainability, Awards and Milestones..

Our History as a Timeline

  1. 2002: VM&A was born in 2002 in Athens Greece

  2. 2006: VM&A merges with another company specialised in PPPs in 2006
  3. 2012: VM&A redesigned its corporate identity in 2012
  4. 2015: Headquarters Recolation and a major Rebranding takes place in 2015
  5. 2016: VM&As launches its new Website and expands its social media network


Our mission statement is to ensure that we provide the right resources at the right time to maximise our clients' business potential. We don't want to be the biggest but we do want to be the best.

Our values

We foster a high-performance environment where our people have the opportunity to grow and succeed; and where they can develop as positive, high-competent and effective individuals. This enables them to realise their full potential while delivering the highest quality service to clients.
Our working environment is based on a simple proposition: when we achieve our best as individuals, our clients benefit and our business prospers.

VM&A's innovative approach to environmental consulting enables clients to achieve their sustainable business and corporate responsibility aspirations. From offices in Greece and in Europe, the team advises at each and every stage of a project for business development. VM&A's specialists offer a multidisciplinary service aimed at developing policy, assessing impact, creative design and implementation, gaining regulatory approvals, reporting publicly, managing risk and controlling costs.

VM&A is commercially focused on project management in conjunction with environmental and regulatory legislation in Greece advising on all aspects of environmental policy and legislation. VM&A is specialised in domestic and European strategies for the environment including agriculture, climate and natural resources, green economy, valuing nature, environmental economics and benefits assessments, climate change and biodiversity policy.

At all levels, nationally and locally, we have a strong track record in serving national and local governments and public bodies, industrial and commercial companies, investors, developers, banks, financial institutions and funding agencies. We are committed to working in partnership with our clients. On this basis we work with our partners/clients to develop cost-effective, practical and quality solutions precisely tailored to meet the project needs. Our success owes much to the dedication, skill and resourcefulness of our project managers, environmental specialists, multi-disciplinary engineers, environmentalists, surveyors, planners and safety experts. Many senior staff members are national and international authorities' experts in their field.

Scope of Works

VM&A offers extensive technical and financial expertise in providing in-depth advice on Public Private Partnerships (PPP)/Private Finance Initiative (PFI) related projects to both corporate and governmental clients with an emphasis to environmental projects in waste and waste water management. VM&A acts as an Independent Certifier in PPP Projects and offers technical advisory services that enable lenders to identify, understand and mitigate risks. VM&A offers a comprehensive range of due diligence services at the Pre- and Post-Financial Close, Construction and Operational Monitoring phases of a project. We are specialised in project management, environmental legislation and permitting procedures.

VM&A holds vast experience in project management, environmental legislation and procedures affecting the environment at a local, regional and national level. VM&A has participated effectively in drafting and implementing environmental legislation and policy initiatives into Greek national administration.

Turning project ideas into reality is what we are all about. Right from preparing the business case and advising on related issues to delivering the completed project and helping maintain it, our planning, engineering and management skills cover the whole development cycle.

VM&A Expertise is summarised as follows:

Technical Consulting, Engineering
Lender's Technical Advisor services
Construction supervision
Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment Studies
Financial Consulting, Preparation of Major Project Requests under NSRF
Preparation of tender documents and specialised procurement procedures in the field of competitive dialogue
Design as built of integrated Waste Management facilities,
       such as: Landfills, Transfer Stations, Recycling Centers (MRF), Waste Treatment plants

VM&A contribution to policy:

Design - solution
Risk allocation
Competitive dialogue procedure

Recycling and prevention policy
Regional waste management planning
Air pollution and noise control policy
Environmental impact assessments
Environmental legislation and policy for environmental management bodies
Use of EU Funding
Absorb funding for our projects where necessary
Preparation of major project requests under the terms of next programming period
Testing affordability of projects.

Our Heritage

The company's history begun in 2002. After 4 years of successful operation, the management decided to proceed to merging with another company specialised in PPPs. Corporate identity was redesigned in 2012 and again in 2015.

Our policies

VM&A is committed in its policies on social responsibility, health and safety at work, sustainability, ethics, equality and diversity and the environment.

Commitment to sustainability

VM&A wishes to grow its business responsibly in a sustainable way. Therefore, VM&A has conducted business with environmental sustainability as a core corporate principle and we have now elevated this principle as an integral part of our business agenda.
We operate in a manner that promotes not only energy & materials conservation, but also waste reduction

about us - awards

Following a three month appraisal, the Western Macedonia waste management PPP has been announced Waste Deal of the Year 2013 as part of the World Finance award program "Project Finance Deal of the Year", a project in which VM&A has been part of Mott MacDonald's Lenders' Technical Advisor team.


Vangelis is a Chemical Engineer educated at a PhD level. He is a waste and waste water management specialist and able to plan, implement, and coordinate comprehensive waste and waste water management systems that are designed to maximise results. During his career, he has been involved at a director's level in all stages of a project, for example establishing a company's waste management goals and objectives, working with employees to help implement waste management policies, and evaluating the success of management plans. He played a key role, while holding various governmental positions, in minimising the impact of waste and protecting the environment. As a waste and waste water management specialist, he has been preparing relevant management strategies and leading teams of consultants, engineers, and processing experts for years. Vangelis has been a Managing Director since 2009 and since then VM&A has met excellent business opportunities, has built long term relationships with the industry and has maximised profits and revenue streams.


Athina is a Chemical Engineer educated at a PhD level. She has extensive experience in the development of advanced technologies and materials for air and water purification and for the saving and storage of energies, alternative energy technologies, water and air pollution control, soil and sediment remediation, environmental technology, chemical limnology, and groundwater chemistry. She has a strong record in applied environmental systems such as aquatic environment, air pollution control, terrestrial ecology, and chemical- and bio-technology development.


Stratos provides his legal advice in relation to procurement and contract law for private and public sector clients. His significant prior experience of commercial contracts and experience of public procurement of goods and services including end to end operational procurement experience, in particular drafting PQQs, ITTs has been a very valuable asset for VM&A


Maria is directing VM&A's Implementation Department. She has studied English Law, has acquired an MBA and has successfully completed a PhD in Law, Economics and Management on developing community engagement models to reach and measure efficiency in the public sector. Maria is currently a Senior Manager on large environmental projects in the field of waste and wastewater management. She is an expert on project finance models, on blending EU funds with private funds procurement models, on preparing Major Project Requests for Confirmation of Assistance under EU legislation, on drafting PPP tender documents and successfully completing technical due diligence on behalf of lending institutions.


Dimitra is a lawyer specialised in banking law. Her expertise ranges in both domestic and international work, acting for commercial banks, investment banks, funds and other financial institutions. She advised many corporate borrowers and lessees on their finance transactions, drawing, where necessary. She advises on the structuring, documentation and negotiation of a wide range of banking and finance-related matters such as acquisition finance, project finance (including PFI, PPP, and infrastructure projects), and structured finance.

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